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Here are some of the most relevant skills MediaLabPro brings to each of our clients' projects.

Initial Project Consulting We take the time to fully understand and document the goals and objectives of our clients' projects before we prepare a proposal identifying a specific scope of work to be completed in the first phase of development. Typically, we will recommend breaking a project down into several phases of development with clear milestones set out to define progress and budgetary benchmarks.
Project Planning For projects that require custom design and/or functionality, we will develop mockups and blueprints that clearly demonstrate the layouts and all functionality for the intended website or mobile app.
This early-stage documentation is critical to the success of a project and ensures that all elements of the project are clearly defined and authorized by our clients' before development work is initiated.
Custom Design Custom designed websites start in Photoshop - MediaLabPro provides expert Photoshop design skills for custom templates, newsletters, print materials, and more.
Blueprinting For project that require advanced or custom functionality, we will first provide a proposal to develop BLUEPRINTS that will demonstrate the entire UI and explain all the functionality on every page layout needed to show the complete feature requirements. These documents are produced using PowerPoint and provide a concrete prototype that can be discussed and adjusted as needed prior to development. Blueprints also provide the requisite scope clarity and definition required to produce a binding bid price for the total project development.
HTML5/CSS3 The basic code behind any website - these essential markup languages provide an every-increasing amount of dynamic functionality for modern websites. MediaLabPro excels at using HTML5/CSS3 to create beautiful websites that engage users through clean User Interface elements and design.
PHP/MySQL PHP is a common open-source scripting language that allows for a wide range of database interactivity essential to building any modern database-driven ("Web2.0") website. MySQL is a type of database scripting that works with PHP to allow data to be dynamically served to the website or mobile app. MediaLabPro uses PHP and MySQL to deliver advanced functionality.
Javascript Javascript is general family of script libraries that include JQuery and AJAX - our favorites - along with a growing and diverse list of other libraries. These libraries include scripts that allow for dynamic page effects commonly associated with Adobe Flash animations, and are quickly replacing Flash for many UI effects due to their compatibility with mobile browsers.
SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - involves optimizing a website's on-site content for specific keywords identified for their relevance to search terms used by prospective customers using popular search engines to find goods and services related to a website. SEO also involves building networks of links and web properties that link BACK to a primary website - this demonstrates to the search engines that your site is RELEVANT to your keyword topics because other sites are linked TO your site.
Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing involves leveraging your social media profiles to engage with and strategically present marketing messages to your existing and prospective customers through the use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and other social media channels.

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