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The Value of Updating your Website

So, when we started MediaLabPro back in 2006, we first did what every website design or development company needs - we built our company website to showcase our work and give customers a way to find us on the Internet.

We created a custom design, put it up onto the Joomla CMS framework, and over time, we made minor design enhancements, added features, and kept it running...
... still, 7 years passed quickly, and before we knew it, one day when we looked at our once beautiful website, and realized it was time to bring our company's online presentation up to modern design standards

As I started drawing up the next vision of our website, I reflected over the past 7 years of work - and how much has evolved in terms of web design aesthetics and user interface tools. When we built our initial site, Javascript and HTML5 were mere embryos of what they have become, Flash was still a viable website development platform, and nobody even thought twice about what their site looked like on a mobile phone.

Additionally, in the past few years we've seen an increase in edge-to-edge designs, responsive designs, 'Flat' design and design elements like Bootstrap forms have become ubiquitous for new sites. So we felt is was long-since time for a change.

Given that it takes several weeks to plan out, design, and implement a new website - many businesses facing this issue choose instead to put it off for another year, "Hey, if it isn't broken, then don't need to spend money fixing it."


Well... unfortunately, not really.

Many business owners treat their website like a checkoff item on a 'must-do' list when setting up their business, but a large portion of these owners do not follow up on making the commitment to their web presence a key asset in their marketing plan.

If you are not actively getting new leads to your business from the Internet every week, then you are not using the Internet to market your business properly.

Just having a website is a good start - but if you're in any sort of competitive industry, the you fighting for business every time someone uses the web to find the services you offer. If a customer is evaluating your services against 10 other providers - you need your website to do ALL of the following to effectively compete for this business:

  • Appear in search engines results and social media searches.
  • Provide a professional, clean, contemporary design.
  • Present a clear value proposition for your service and clear call to action on how to engage your company.
  • Provide smooth user-flow to simplify the process of converting users to paying customers
  • Provide tracking and feedback mechanisms to allow you to continuously improve the performance of your site

Having a professionally designed, updated website ensures that the efforts you put into driving traffic TO your website will return a greater ROI for your marketing dollars.

Not surprisingly, since updating the look of with our latest site redesign, we have realized a 40% increase in customer inquiries in the first week of launching the new site.

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